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Office types are functional profiles that make up part of the DNA of a workplace.

The more this DNA satisfies strategic business needs, the more effective the workplace becomes.

Choosing the right DNA makes developing cost-effective, high-performance office space much easier.

Aenvision products take the guesswork out of the office space development process. You can uncover the DNA of an existing workplace and discover the ideal DNA for your next workplace.

By taking advantage of over 3 million square feet of analyzed office space in the Aenvision program repository you'll be a hero. You can eliminate hours of frustration and avoid costly mistakes. You'll also find that functional profiles make working with architects and other design professionals a breeze.

Oscar estimates the area required for selected office types given the number of desks (occupancy). It also estimates the number of occupants given the usable area if occupancy is blank or zero. If usable area and occupancy are both greater than zero, the usable area is calculated by default. Click the 'GO' button following any changes to update results.

Office type functional profiles or 'signatures' are shown in the graph at the top of the application and in the figure to the right. Signatures consist of numerical data approximated here as 'Low,' 'Medium,' or 'High,' in seven categories. There is a direct correlation between workplace signatures, the strategic objectives of a business, and return on investment.

In practice office types can have many possible signatures because of the wide variety of businesses that can exist within an industry. In most cases the signatures in this application represent efficient contemporary office types that create cost-effective high-performance designs. This list however is by no means exhaustive.

Don't see your industry? Don't see the right profile for your business? Let us know! We're ready to help. Choosing the right workplace signature is the first step in developing effective new office space, even before finding an ideal location.

Get relief from the office programming trap and let Aenvision take the guesswork out of developing your next office space.

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